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one of the worst parts about racism/ homophobia/ sexism/ microaggression/ etc

is long after the person has made their joke, expressed their “opinion”, or took action, there is another person who sees it and knows its wrong. if they don’t react at that time it stays with them, they think about it, replay it in their minds and start to become angry, not at the perpetrator, but at themselves, for their inaction or lack of ability to quickly find the right way to address it

this is what drive oppressed people to drink, to smoke, to pain

the self punishment for not managing someone else s actions. Actions that hurt them and not the person doing it. The feeling that we are responsible to confronting others, even those who let us down because we saw them as friends

i’m still struggle with that, because now that i’m in my late 20s i realize i waste my energy interacting with people who don’t respect me or value my words, meaning our interaction will have no positive effect. the questions i have to ask myself now is “what will it do for me? what will it do for them?” the 2nd questions is laughable. why the fuck am i asking what my interaction can do for a racist… but really i am say:

what can this do for me: is this a person i will have to interact with often and are their actions making it difficult for me to do my job/ live my life? will i feel better after confronting them

what can this do for them: this question is less about them and more about society- will me confronting them move them to reconsider their stance, words, actions. are they fertile ground where i can plant a seed or nah?

i spent a lot of time in my early 20s confronting people on their shit and its emotionally taxing. now i pick my battles, i know if i confront another str8 person on their homophobia that means more than pull aside a racist stranger. i also know, if this is a person i interact with socially, who cares about my feels and opinion, me calling them out will be more impactful than speaking to someone who can give 2 shits about my life, but we coexist in the same department.

… thing is, even knowing this, the guilt sits with me…..and that’s the thing with racism/ sexism/ homophobia/ microagressions/ etc

oppressed people still have to do the heavy lifting of the burden of guilt for their oppressors actions

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Stand alone complex

With racism and stereotypes nothing else maters
Doctor or drug dealer
Mother or hooker
Nun or stripper
Your identity is no longer your’s. Who you are lives in the mind of the person in power.
This is why POC fear for the safety of their children and themselves. Racism has nothing to do with wrong place/ wrong time. Because you are living in the place you shouldn’t be; in your skin, in America. There is no safe haven; there is no safe word when you are always on the receiving end of a sadist’s stress relief
We can dress ourselves up; we can change our voices, hair, musical taste, food. We can assimilate, but we cannot vitiligo. We cannot make our children into chameleons so they can blend into their surroundings for safety
But most of all, the lesson we have learned is we can never NEVER let our guard down. We must maintain an acceptable level of professionalism (read: whiteness) even when we are at home, in our neighborhoods, in stores, in social settings. We must remain unseen.
We were once adults perpetually referred to as ‘Boy’ or ’Girl’. This meaning still surfaces because we still live by the rule that the bastard children of America should be seen and not heard

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just a suggestion:
if you are a member of the majority i wouldn’t suggest “educating” minorities who use slurs about their own group.
its patronizing and you sound stupid trying to tell a gay person the history of the F word or a black person the history of the N word like they don’t carry that shit on their backs

trust that even if they somehow didn’t know the latin roots of the word they know that when certain lips curve around that F or that N they are sending words of warning, alarm calls that danger is near.
just know that just cause you just recently cracked open a book or took soc 101 doesn’t give you a PhD to read.
that’s a lesson better taught from the mothers and fathers who lived it than from a savior who often times sounds more like someone complaining that they can’t use it than person with any standing to speak on
also its none of your damn business

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this is sick and sad. 1. a baby is dead, period, regardless of a robbery gone wrong or bat shit crazy parents. 2. the whole notion behind the Meme 3. this is another example of how racism hurts whites. we are so quick to accept “the black guy did it” that we stop looking for the real answer, leaving the actual guilty parties free to possibly do it again. I’m interested to see how this plays out or if we even hear anything else.
honestly, i don’t think this got big news because, as the author said, the story of black criminal and white victim is part of the American narrative, it was neat, arrested and wrapped in a bow, despite the package not fitting.
given i am selective about who i am friends with on FB, this is the 1st time I’ve heard about this meme or this story:

“…exploiting the tragic murder of a baby—which resulted, by the way, in the immediate incarceration of two black teenagers—in order to bolster some malformed political plank about the systemic oppression of white Americans is a shockingly cynical move. In the same breath that the creator of this meme claims white people are the true victims, not the drivers and beneficiaries, of American racism, they change the murdered baby’s last name from his father’s to his mother’s. Antonio Santiago magically becomes Antonio West somewhere in the transition from news story to Facebook meme. They do this because they know that their propaganda is specifically targeted at people whose capacity for caring about a dead baby is directly proportional to the whiteness of that baby. They do this because they know that they are full of shit. They do this because they are not the victims of racism—they are racist.

And, turns out, they might be even more full of shit than anyone realized. Recent evidence in the Antonio Santiago case reveals that both of the baby’s parents—Sherry West and Louis Santiago—had gunshot residue on their hands on the day of the shooting. According to West, Santiago had also been stalking her and accusing her of killing their child…Additionally, in the days following the shooting, Sherry West’s 21-year-old daughter expressed concerns to police about her mother’s story:

Glassey said she started to have her doubts after receiving a phone call from her mother telling her that her brother, Antonio Santiago, had been killed. She claims the night of the shooting her mother asked, “How soon do you think life insurance policy will send me a check?”

…Glassey says her mother is bipolar and has schizophrenic tendencies. She believes her mother is on medication but could not tell me any prescriptions specifically.

“She changed her story she told me the baby was shot first and then she told me she was shot first,” said Glassey.

But, as Nsenga K. Burton at The Root points out, white women blaming black men for their own misdeeds is nothing new. Children being killed in domestic violence incidents—as revenge or collateral damage—is nothing new. Black suspects and their families not cooperating meekly with the authorities who routinely oppress and betray them is nothing new. If the George Zimmerman verdict tells us one thing, it’s that “blackness = guilt” is such a comfortable narrative that we apply it even to unarmed children. And “whiteness = credibility” is so entrenched that we take white people at their word, as long as their word is “but a black guy scared me!” We don’t know the facts of the Baby Santiago case—we only know the implications, what seems to be true—and those implications conveniently fit the same narrative that acquitted George Zimmerman. That warrants examination.”

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I find it funny when people ask why do black people have attitudes? why are women so emotional? Why are gay folk so secretive? As if its genetic and not a natural response to how society treats us. If ur hostile towards me why wouldn’t i have an attitude or respond emotionally or just not share shit I know you will punish me for. That’s tunnel vision for u though, just a grown up version of the classic ” Why do all the black kids sit together in the cafeteria” when we were never invited to sit anywhere else….

it called self reflection

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Louisiana woman says 3 racist men set her on fire

A 20-year-old black woman said she was set on fire by three men who wrote the initials KKK and a racial slur on her car in northeastern Louisiana, police said Monday…The FBI is investigating the attack as a possible hate crime, but no arrests had been made as of late Monday, Lewis said. She said Moffitt was in critical condition at a hospital and that some of her injuries were third-degree burns.

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Why is it when I tell people, particularly white folk, I’m from Detroit.

they like to tell you about how scary it was that one time they drove through Detroit and got off on the wrong exit… or went to a game downtown.. or got lost… or saw it on a map.. or whatever the fuck?

So when people tell me they from Arizona should I tell them about the one time I drove through trying not to look too Latino since all us brown folk look a like? 

or that time I was in Texas and i thought about dating a girl, but tongue kissed a boy so I wouldn’t get kicked out the damn state

or the time I visited my friend in the burbs and was scared to wear my hoodie so I wore the whitest, non threatening  shit I had and was walking around in yoga pants, toms and a DIY t-shirt eating vegenaise?

see if i said that shit mofo’s would be mad as hell

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Today In Racism: YA Series “Save The Pearls” Employs Offensive Blackface And Bizarre Racist Stereotypes Plot

Victoria Foyt is the (white) author of a new young adult book series called Save the Pearls. The book chronicles the adventures of Eden Newman, a white woman, or a “Pearl,” whose entire race has been enslaved by the dominant race of “Coals” — or dark-skinned people. Hoping to capitalize off of the popularity of dystopian young adult novels like The Hunger Games, Foyt constructed a narrative in which, she explains, “Solar radiation has wiped out most of the white race whose lack of melanin causes them to succumb to the Heat. The survivors, called Pearls, suffer from oppression under the new majority of dark-skinned Coals.” In the new world, Eden must rely on Bramford, a Coal. As Foyt describes it, Pearls is “a Beauty and the Beast story in which both parties must find self-acceptance before they can discover true love.”

Save The Pearls

Finally, witness this video Foyt made to publicize her book, featuring a white woman in blackface. Memo to the world: Blackface is not okay. Like, EVER. Blackface is rooted in bygone minstrel shows, where white actors would play outrageously offensive stereotypes of blackness. As the website explains, blackface is more than simply the application of dark makeup to a white face. Blackface “originated in the White man’s characterizations of plantation slaves and free blacks during the era of minstrel shows (1830-1890), the caricatures took such a firm hold on the American imagination that audiences expected any person with dark skin, no matter what their background, to conform to one or more of the stereotypes: the coon, the mammy, the Uncle Tom, the buck, the wench, the mulatto and the pickaninny.” These racial stereoytypes are all highly negative and delimiting.

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Florida 'first time offender' gets 161 years in prison

Davis was convicted of participating in a string of armed robberies in the Miami area in 2010. His accomplices testified against him, saying he carried a gun during their crimes and discharged it at a dog that chased them after one of their burglaries. But Davis was not convicted of hurting anyone physically, including the dog… Now 20 years old, he was sentenced to 1,941 months - almost 162 years - in prison without the possibility of parole.

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